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Aiming your golf shot properly is not the simplest thing to do, but it becomes easy once you understand the principles involved, and what you’re trying to accomplish.

How often have you noticed golfers who can hit a tee shot or fairway wood clear into the next county but they have absolutely no idea where the ball is going to end up? I am sure you have as have I. How often have you been guilty of doing that? While hitting the golf ball 300+ yards is a nice ability to have, if you cannot control/aim where the ball is going to come to rest it is of little use. So let’s look at a few golf swing tips for aiming your golf shot where we want the ball to end up.

Aiming Your Golf Shot

When preparing to hit the ball it is very important to position the clubhead behind the ball so that the face of the club is pointing directly at the spot you want the ball to fly to. Many golfers make the mistake of addressing the ball with their stance as the aiming reference but it is not your body direction that will put the ball where it needs to go. This is what the head of the club is for. After setting the clubhead in the target line be aware to keep your foot stance together. Now move into your hitting stance with your feet spread. Your legs and upper body should be parallel to the ball/target line. This is referred to as your stance/body line. What you are doing is setting yourself up in as straight as possible position with the head of the club pointing directly at where you want the golf ball to land.

(But NOT your body!! Don’t make the mistake that a lot do and think that your body must point at the target also. It should be exactly parallel to the ball-target line of flight, not pointed at the target. In other words, if your feet are two feet behind the ball, then your body line should be pointed two feet to the left of the target (for righties).)

The teed up ball should be in position an equal distance between the golfers front and back foot. Keep the head of the driver or fairway iron square to the desired line of flight, behind the gold ball. Get the clubhead at an angle to the ball and your accuracy is going to be off. Keep your back as straight as possible, bend forward slightly, and flex the knees slightly. It goes without saying that if your body stance is parallel, your shoulders and hips will also be pointed parallel to your target line.

Steve Khatib, Australia’s Top Teacher in 2005, shows you how to aim and how to practice your aim in the following video:

Another of the good golf swing tips for aiming where you want the ball to land, is that just before you swing you should focus on the spot or “target” you have selected instead of the golf ball. While this sound odd and get you to wondering how in the world can I put the ball where I want it if I do not look at the ball? The answer is, if you think only of the ball, it can become very easy to laser in on the ball until you are actually fixated on it instead of the target you have picked out. When this happens think about how nice and fluid your practice swings feel when there is no ball. Imagine just swinging perfectly through toward the target. Just because the ball is now teed up for the shot does not mean we need to get all tensed up. Forget the ball is even there and play the shot like it is a practice swing.

Once you practice these golf swing tips for aiming your golf shot they will become second nature, and you will find your scores improving. Feel free to share these tips with your golfing buddies.

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